Heart of Behavior provides individual services for all children to nurture their specific behavior needs that are inhibiting them from being successful at home, school and/or in the community. Services are for all children including those with: ADD, ADHD, ASD, ODD, Down Syndrome, anxiety, social/emotional disorders, challenging behaviors and children who have no clinical diagnosis. Heart of Behavior’s team strives to make learning fun!



Provides parents and/or caregivers with the support of what exactly to do and say when challenging behaviors occur and when they are not occurring. Learn how to be proactive versus reactive by learning evidence-based strategies that teach your child what to do throughout everyday routines and activities.


Consults and trainings for all staff working with a student(s) for a consistent team effort to increase student's learning behaviors, functional communication, social skills and so much more. 


Training and speaking events on specific strategies to meet your audience's needs. Strategies are evidence-based behavior methods that positively improve behavior and relationships.